The Message of Truth

Do you have a Bible but you don’t know where to start, how to find a reference or how to understand what you read?

This course is a practical study guide in which reading the Bible and reflecting upon the reading are the key elements. You will have the opportunity to search, compare, dig deeper and read from different perspectives, connecting the Old and New Testaments, learn how to understand prophecy and more.

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Start Into Life

Questions like these may have come to your mind: Can we trust the Bible? Why do bad things happen? Is there power in prayer?

Introducing ‘Start Into Life’ – a course that will help you discover God and find His purpose for your life. If you are setting out on your faith journey, or have some basic questions about life, God and faith, this is the right course for you. Imagine your life renewed by the end of a quarter with a fresh perspective on life!

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10 Questions for God

Imagine a face-to-face sit down with God. What questions would you ask Him? What would you like to ask the Almighty?

Would you ask about pain and suffering in the world, His views on sex and marriage or who exactly is Jesus? To make it easier, we ran surveys asking people just that. So, here are their top ten questions for God. Some of them may be yours as well. See what you think of the answers, from a Biblical point of view.

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Try Jesus! (Series 1)

Christianity – a constituency of more than 2 billion believers. What is it about Jesus that drew so many people to follow in His footsteps?

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are the foundation of Christianity, the largest of the world’s religions and, geographically, the most widely diffused of all faiths. Based on the four Gospels, the first series of ‘Try Jesus’ will take you on a journey from His birth to His resurrection, exploring the one life who changed the world.

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Try Jesus! (Series 2)

Many people know about Jesus’ life journey from Bethlehem to the crucifixion in Jerusalem. How many know His teachings?

Following on from the first series of ‘Try Jesus’ which took you on a journey from His birth to His resurrection, the second series is the perfect follow up, exploring the amazing teachings of Jesus and preparing you for your new life in Him. Could He be the answer for that something which is missing in your life? Why not Try Jesus!

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Let's Explore!

How will one introduce the Bible and the faith to our loved young ones (7-12 years old? Surely by encouraging them to… explore!

This course will help them discover a relationship with Jesus, the Son of God who wants to be their friend forever. They will learn about God and the Bible in a fun, relational, exploring way. In the first lesson, ‘Letter from a Friend’, they will learn about the Bible – a letter from God – and why we can trust this Scripture.

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We Believe

Looking for a specific answer, searching for more knowledge, or simply seeking a correct understanding of Bible beliefs?

This is the place where you will discover what Seventh-day Adventists believe. And why! As their faith is founded on the Bible, the first lesson, ‘The Word of God’, looks at why the Bible is the best-selling and most-read book in the world. 27 other lessons will lead you step by step to knowing the Bible’s truths.

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Can we believe in God? Can we believe the Bible? Does my life matter to God? These and many more questions wait for discovery. 

A full series of 26 lessons, ‘Discover’ course will help you discover as many foundational teachings of the Bible. The spiritual journey will also get you the tools to study the Bible and find God’s purpose for your life. This sought after course is ideal for new Christians, and perhaps also for those wanting a little refresher.

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Focus on Prophecy

Will the world end in an eco-apocalypse? What about living in the end-times? How can one have hope today and not fear tomorrow?

These ‘Focus on Prophecy’ lessons will take you on a journey through a chapter-by-chapter study of the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation. You will understand the signs of the times: why Europe can’t unite, why pandemics, wars, and crises, how church and state will unite, what the mark of the beast really is and more!

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The Bible's Teachings (Series 1)

Can one book have the answers to the world’s most important questions? We believe that it does with its teachings and prophecies. 

This course is a comprehensive guide to some of the most important themes in the Bible. Designed for the advanced Bible student who wants to gain a deeper understanding of key biblical truths, the first series of ‘Bible’s Teachings’ delves into many challenging teachings including sin, suffering, and salvation.

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The Bible's Teachings (Series 2)

Have you ever been concerned about predestination and unpardonable sin? Some hard topics are made clear now. 

The second series of ‘Bible’s Teachings’ will take the student on a 12-lesson journey touching on topics such as health, money, fruits of a Christian experience, Sabbath, and covenant, along with other important topics. It ends with a key question, lesson 12: ‘Do you belong to the Church or to Christ?

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Your Health

Are you looking to improve your health? Do you know where to start and what the basics are? Recommending ‘Your Health’!

‘Your Health’ is a foundational course for anyone who wants to discover the principles of a healthy life and make positive life-changing decisions. Topics include ‘Smart Eating’, ‘Healthy Weight’, ‘Reduce the Risk of Cancer’ and ‘Plant Foods’. In the first lesson, “Taking Charge of Your Health”, you’ll learn about the eight basics of good health.

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Your Life

Do you want to discover the key to personal development and success? Gain an understanding of how your feelings impact your life.

Learn how to better understand yourself better and to work out what you want from life through the exploration of topics such as purpose, relationships, choices and balance. In the first lesson, “Purpose”, learn how to discover your purpose, and how this knowledge shapes your entire life.

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Coping with Stress

All of us feel the crushing power of daily pressures. Do these threaten to overwhelm you? Do you want to learn techniques to help you to cope?

This course explains how stressors work in our lives and helps us to discover lifestyle changes that can help stress proof our lives and to thrive while living with unavoidable stress. In the first lesson ”Stress v Distress’, take a test and get a personalised stress report.

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In the modern world, we may have thousands of ‘friends’ on social media, but only a few when in need. Is it possible to maintain a relationship?

If you are you looking for advice on how to tackle the issues of modern relationships and parenting styles, this is the course for you. ‘Relationships’ section (lessons 1-8) is a brilliant mix of modern psychology and practical tips that anyone can understand. The ‘Parenting’ section (lessons 9-14) deals with the tough issues of parenting styles.

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The Power of Hope

Millions of people suffer from the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression. Many are unsuccessful when they seek a solution.

These problems have become increasingly common. What should we do when an illness is not located in one specific part of the body?  What happens when suffering and anxiety are within us, in an unidentified place? ‘The Power of Hope’ sets out in ten chapters the first steps along the path that leads to a life of peace, restoration, and healing.

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Digging up the Past

Fascinated about the Pyramids and their secrets? What about the ancient writings and their messages for our times?

‘Digging up the Past’ course explores ancient civilisations (Egypt, Babylon), searching for the historical and cultural background of the Bible. With a particular emphasis on historical and archaeological discoveries, the author introduces amazing details about pyramids, the Biblical flood, Petra and the Dead Sea.

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Do you know the Jewish heritage or the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith? Have you ever wondered about its foundation?

Shaped from a specific Hebrew perspective this course written by Dr. Jacques Doukhan takes into account not only the Hebrew text but also the testimony of ancient Jewish sources. ‘The Bullet of the Bible’ (its first lesson) will help understand the value of the Bible, that common ground of Jews and Christians.

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Prophets and Books

Muslim activities capture today’s headlines, and it seems the Qur’an and the Bible have nothing in common. Is it really so? 

The six lessons in our ‘Prophets and Books’ course are designed for a Muslim student, leading him to explore the Bible as valid Scriptures. The beauty of this study is that the author is carefully using the Qur’anic evidence itself as well as the early scholarly views of Islam in leading toward a renewed perspective.

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Digging Deeper

If you’ve taken our ‘Digging up the Past’ are you ready to go deeper? A new series is available, taking you to the next level. 

The ‘Digging Deeper’ course explores in greater depth the Biblical themes associated with archeological discoveries, historical events and people of the past. The great empires and their daily life (coins, medicines, occult etc.) are unveiled in a journey from Mt. Sinai to the cities in the Greco-Roman world.

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Digging up the Future

History repeats itself, we all know that. Can we see the future by looking at old manuscripts, prophecies and ancient seals?

The ‘Digging up the Future’ course is the last in the ‘Digging Series’. It relates the archaeological materials to those passages of Scripture that are of a prophetic nature and have a meaningful impact in our days. Explore ancient temples, rites and rituals, see how empires of all time rise and fall, who wins and why.

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