The Sword of the Spirit by Pastor Shawn Boonstra will provide you with practical tips to help you get more from your Bible, remember what you’ve learned, and apply it to your daily life. Also included are easy to follow Bible reading plans that can help you navigate the entire Word of God. It’s Bible reading made simple.


This little book from It Is Written takes a practical look at hell, a subject that has puzzled millions of people. It will take out the mystery and help the reader understand hell biblically. All in a way that will increase their faith in God. An easy to understand way to share with friends who are concerned about “everlasting hell.”

Do you feel rushed, pressured, and stressed out? There is just too much to do and not enough time for it? However hard you try, there’s always one more task, one more assignment, one more item to check off your to-do list. Let’s introduce to you the concept of the biblical Sabbath.

The stresses of modern life make healthy relationships more difficult to achieve and sustain. The ideas and solutions of this book will help you build strong relationships with those around you; give you new skills to help build your children’s characters; share time-proven principles that will facilitate a meaningful and happy life.


In a world in which life is no longer sacred, hunger and poverty are rampant, and natural disasters are worse than ever before, one searches for a rational explanation of all these. And asks if there is anything that could save us from this mess…

How did our world get so messed up? Why is there suffering? Where did evil come from? Will it ever end? Science has no answers to these, and philosophy has many conflicting answers. Story of Hope offers a glimpse behind the origin of evil, ways God has dealt with evil, and His plan for resolving it completely.


Fear is an emotion. Faith is an attitude, and focus is a choice. Fear must give way to faith as we adjust our focus. Discover with Pastor Mark Finley as he shows us that we have One who is larger than our fears, bigger than our worries, and greater than our anxieties by our side.

Headlines describe famine, wars, unemployment, pollution, and disease. The media can tell you what is happening, but The Great Hope will reveal why and what will happen next. The conflict between good and evil is coming to a dramatic climax. Today, you can choose to be on the winning side.

Imagine this: there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world! In this book, we will explore some of the wonders of the universe and of life on our little planet. Come alone on a journey to discover the wonders of life but and a love that is beyond imagination.

Three celestial heralds come in Revelation 14. Could these angels be sharing the hope that the world so desperately needs? Clifford Goldstein explains the meaning of the three angels’ messages. Stories spread throughout the book provide encouragement and offer hope for the future.

Health and Wellness: Secrets That Will Change Your Life shows you spectacularly simple ways to avoid such chronic killers as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You’ll learn how good nutrition heals the body and boosts the mind; how purpose increases resilience; how love and forgiveness mend the heart!

An ABC of spirituality, the title of the book tells its mission. It leads the seeker after righteousness and wholeness of character, step by step, along the way of Christian living. And it reveals to the reader the secret of victory as it unfolds in simplicity the saving grace and the keeping power of God.

What should we do when illness is not located in one specific part of the body? The Power of Hope focuses on how to overcome depression, anxiety, guilt and stress in the modern world. The authors teach how one can experience a meaningful, successful life by discovering the answers to a path of peace, restoration, and healing.

Daniel – the seer of Babylon by Gerhard Pfandl presents the prophetic book of Daniel in the form of a commentary. He provides the keys to unlock the main prophecies of the book, including the time prophecies of 1,260 days, 1,335 days and 2,300 days. Don’t know about them? The author champions the historicist year/day principle showing how Daniel unfolds the future in symbols. You will learn about pre-advent judgement and historical proofs of actual fulfillments of the prophecies in Daniel.

This book can serve as a personal study guide, a study tool for small groups, and a textbook. The Apocalypse is actually not as hard to understand as many people think it is. As they read it, may they also realise that the book of Revelation provides guidance for a contented life today and a hope, not fear, for tomorrow. When the book is studied properly, an understanding of its central theme inevitably results in changed lives for God’s glory.