Supporting you in Prayer

Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your trust in our service to pray for you. We believe God answers prayers. Please use the form below for your future prayer requests or add them as a comment.

We have received many requests for prayers and also different questions regarding this topic. You might be interested to learn more about it from our answers to questions like the ones below.

If you need specific materials or information, (free courses on Bible and health, a free Bible, books, audio, video, articles etc.) please check our website and explore the free resources.

We leave with you this triple Bible encouragement:

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)

One who listens [start into life!]

[prayer is not a one-way street,
but a real conversation with God]

Does God hear all of our prayers?

[as most probably you’ve experienced difficulties in understanding how prayer works]

Praying for myself - is that selfish?

[you’re asking us to pray for you,

Is cancer a punishment from God?

[related to a specific answer, a life and death one, that may (not) come as expected]

Do you have a question or a prayer request? We're happy to keep in touch.

The privilege of prayer (resource)

Let us share with you a key resource for spiritual growth that includes a dedicated chapter on the topic of Prayer.

This little book is entitled Steps to Christ and you can read it or listen for free on this website. An inspired passage from the 11th chapter (“The privilege of prayer”) reminds us:

“When our prayers seem not to be answered, we are to cling to the promise; for the time of answering will surely come, and we shall receive the blessing we need most.”

Interactive prayer session

As an interactive service, you are welcome to submit your prayer requests during our British Union Conference morning devotional. This takes place every weekday morning.

It is broadcast live on Facebook from 8:30 sharp to around 9am. Each morning we have a different speaker and two prayer sessions for those joining to request such help and support.

Please scan the qr code in the picture or click the link below to take a look at our latest meetings, devotionals and prayer requests from viewers:

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FreeBible programme

The FreeBible programme is a supporting resource for the ADC courses. A student who needs a Bible can visit our dedicated website and get his own hardcover Bible.

All one needs to do is complete a minimum of 10 quizzes. All online, all free, quick and easy. To date we have provided thousands of Bibles. It may be one of your mission opportunities.

The three key elements about FreeBible are: (a) we offer the Word of God free of charge, (b) we engage a prospective student into his/her first online Bible study, (c) along with the Bible the student will receive an invitation to enrol in our ADC courses which may lead to a full follow up for a discovery journey.

A dedicated page on our website is here while the main website (desktop and mobile) is / for Ireland. An ad for FreeBible is included in the flyer below and is available also as a stand alone flyer.