Partnership with the ADC

The ADC mission is clear “Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this Life.” (Acts 5:20)

Accordingly, we are ready to partner with you at any time. Whether you are an individual member, a small group in a church, a Sabbath School class, an entire congregation, a district or a mission/conference you will find a partner in the Adventist Discovery Centre. We are offering the courses for free and subsidising the other printed resources by 50%.

See our offer below.

Courses for a better life

The Adventist Discovery Centre offers a large spectrum of free courses covering areas such as: spirituality, faiths, archaeology, Bible studies, health, children, relationships etc.

Displayed in brief on the homepage a more detailed presentation can be found by clicking the “Courses” tab on the main menu. A dedicated page for each course introduces it with full details: “the why”, what to expect and where to start. A following section of the page shows the general info about the course, table of contents, how it works and other resources associated (printed version, video version where available).

Students are invited to enrol by requesting printed courses or registering for the online version. Each lesson is followed by a questionnaire and every student is provided with an ADC tutor to lead along the study. You can organise a class for a small group in your congregation or community at any time (meeting in person or on Zoom) and we will provide all the materials you need free of charge.

FreeBible programme

The FreeBible programme is a supporting resource for the ADC courses. A student who needs a Bible can visit our dedicated website and get his own hardcover Bible.

All one needs to do is complete a minimum of 10 quizzes. All online, all free, quick and easy. To date we have provided thousands of Bibles. It may be one of your mission opportunities.

The three key elements about FreeBible are: (a) we offer the Word of God free of charge, (b) we engage a prospective student into his/her first online Bible study, (c) along with the Bible the student will receive an invitation to enrol in our ADC courses which may lead to a full follow up for a discovery journey.

A dedicated page on our website is here while the main website (desktop and mobile) is / for Ireland. A roll up banner and a flyer for the FreeBible programme are displayed and linked below.

FreeBible Roll Up Banner

FreeBible New Flyer

Interested to support ADC with your donation?

Your donations will help us to continue offering free or subsidised missionary resources for a greater outreach.
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Flyer / ADC courses

Whenever a visitor comes to church, or when a member plans for an outreach program, one of the first things that comes to mind is a simple question… “do we have a flyer?” Something handy, concise, non-threatening. A resource as informative as a business card and yet as detailed and inviting as a full brochure.

Enter our ADC Flyer – a mission opportunity at your fingertips. It features our renewed offer of 20 courses (including FreeBible) and a short list of other resources available on our website. A prospective student can enrol straight away by filling in the coupon and sending it to us or by scanning the qr code to go directly to our website.

Have we mentioned they are currently being offered to you for free?

A dedicated page on our website is here presenting all the details (including the PDF and images). The contact details on the back cover can be yours – and then you would be in touch with your new friend(s) in no time. For only £160 you can have 5,000 copies to share in your community.

Flyer / An Amazing Piano Story

We feature in this flyer an amazing story, the unlikely ‘success’ of a missionary Adventist effort. Imagine offering an enrolment card for one of our Bible studies and getting a response some 25 years later, from a different person that the one to whom it had been handed to in the first place. A story told in an Adventist book, about an experience happening nowhere else than in British Isles, with resources offered by the Adventist Discovery Centre.

Read the story, see the flyer, and then imagine yourself helping writing the first line of yet another amazing piano story in someone’s life.

The flyer is offered for free to ALL our church members. Hopefully they will be inspired then to distribute even more of the ADC flyers (above).

Flyer / Journey of Discovery

When you are giving the gift of a book or magazine, do you ever wish that you had something encouraging to slip inside of it? We can offer you two different options!

Firstly, our Journey of Discovery flyer. This includes daily readings for a 3-week spiritual journey, discovering the three key values of the Christian ethos – faith, hope and love. The opportunity to claim a free Bible is also included and the last page has an invitation to study any of the 20 free Bible and health studies offered by the ADC.

These flyers are offered for free! A pdf of the flyer is here.

Our second option is an inspirational bookmark. Featuring the same picture as the cover of the Journey of Discovery flyer, it includes the well know verse Jeremiah 29:11. See it for yourself here. These are also available free of charge.

Why not think of your own unique way to share these?

Please contact us if you would like to place an order.

Interested to support ADC with your donation?

Your donations will help us to continue offering free or subsidised missionary resources for a greater outreach.
Check our
“donate” page for ways to do it or scan the qr code for a quick donation via Stripe.

Booklet / The Final Countdown

Every Adventist loves the prophecy in Daniel 2. You can find it in all our evangelistic campaigns and, sure enough, in every ADC course on spirituality. We thought to make it easy for all – prophecy and historical fulfilment in a booklet of 10 minutes read.

In just 16 pages (A6 format) with beautifully designed graphics and layout, the Daniel 2 prophecy is presented as a story, and yet is rich in relevant contemporary footnotes, from trusted and widely accepted sources (like the Britannica Encyclopedia).

On the back cover there is an invitation to deepen one’s study with two of our systematic Bible prophecy courses: Focus on Prophecy and Great Teachings and Prophecies of the Bible.

A dedicated page on our website is here, allowing you to see the pdf, online and issuu formats of the booklet. For only £300 you can have 5,000 personalised copies to share in your community.

Booklet / HOPE - The gift of heaven

‘Reflecting Hope’ is the name of a long term evangelistic effort in the British Union Conference (UK and Ireland). This booklet, entitled ‘HOPE – The gift of heaven’ is one born out of a sincere desire to share the power and impact of hope. This is a hope that does not come from what we see around us, a world which is transient and subject to change. Rather, it resides in a God who is constant and trustworthy.

Written by two BUC departmental directors, it is offered for free (in printed format) to all those interested to distribute it in ‘Reflecting Hope’ efforts. See more info about the acronym in the title, the PDF and ways to order it.

Booklet / The Innkeeper's story

Imagine the story of Christmas being told by the Innkeeper. Indeed, that anonymous man played an important role during one of the most important days (or rather, nights) in a year, when Jesus was born.

You may remember Joseph and Mary having a hard time finding a place to lodge for the night, while in Bethlehem, ‘because there was no room for them in the inn’ (Luke 2:7).

This 16-page booklet is your newest seasonal resource for sharing the story of Jesus with others in the non-threatening and non-invasive way of a story. Furthermore, on the back cover the reader will find a QR code for a follow up to discovering Jesus’ entire story — our ‘Try Jesus!’ Bible study. See more about it.

Interested to support ADC with your donation?

Your donations will help us to continue offering free or subsidised missionary resources for a greater outreach.
Check our
“donate” page for ways to do it or scan the qr code for a quick donation via Stripe.

Articles / Q&A

All of our courses, whether in print or online, offer countless opportunities to engage with the students. As each lesson ends with a questionnaire to allow the student time for review and reflection, the same serves as a platform for any question(s) that may come from him/her.

One will be amazed at the many and very diverse questions we receive. Some are private, and we respond as such. Others may have a broader application, accordingly we publish our answer to questions like: “Is cancer a punishment from God?” “Should I go vegan?” “Does God hear all of our prayers?” “How do I become a better Christian?”

You will be astounded to learn that our most read article last year was “When people commit suicide do they have a place in heaven?” 

A dedicated page on our website is here, allowing you to see our latest posts. We invite you to share the posts and other resources as they may be helpful to people around us.