SideWalk Evangelism

Sidewalk Evangelism (SWE) is a simple method of reaching people who are open to the gospel. It follows four basic steps: (1) Pray, (2) Mingle, (3) Invite, and (4) Study — then repeat!

This method is so simple, it can be used anywhere. Just go where the people are and invite them to study the Bible! For churches in or near major cities, this means distributing thousands of invitations to people who pass by on city sidewalks.

This approach, which has been piloted with great success in New York City, is also a great way to involve Sabbath School classes and other teams of church members in personal evangelism. The principle of SWE is as simple as its approach—sow an abundance of invitations, and reap an abundance of souls who are hungering for truth (2 Cor. 9:6).

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