The Final Countdown

Whichever ADC course on spirituality a student takes, it is a given, sooner or later a lesson covers the Daniel 2 prophecy in full. It is the one detailing the multilayered statue dreamt of by Nebuchadnezzar, the famous king of Babylon.

There are three main reasons for our educational approach.

First of all, it is a piece of prophecy that interprets itself, right there in Daniel chapter 2. No matter the reader’s background, this is easy to understand. And history consistently confirmed this specific prophecy over time. In other words, the prophecy lab is right there, fully equipped.

Second, because it is a prophecy whose interpretation is so clear, it goes over and above any church / denominational biases. Yes, some may bring in nuances or force interpretations, but the key points are beyond debate for a diligent student.

Third, it is a prophecy so basic, so fundamental for all prophecies regarding the future of the world that one needs to have full knowledge of such a Bible text. Understanding the sequence of the empires symbolised in Daniel 2 unlocks the keys for other more complex prophecies that follow.

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