3 March. Securing a new domain for ADC: adventistdiscoverycentre.org

15 March. Started building it up, page by page, post by post. Both on our website (courses like Start Into Life) and on the German platform (courses like Try Jesus, series 1 and 2).

18 March. Started working on FreeBible, first on a local server, then on a test folder live (12 April).


3 April. A new Google account, that will manage ADC YouTube channel and more.

13 April. Receiving the OK from VOP to use the current logo of Discover for ADC also.

20 April. Started working for the first flyer, in collaboration with Discover Truth (Ireland).


6 May. Setting live the new FreeBible website. wwwfreebible.uk

19 May. The first article on FreeBible is published on www.adventist.uk. Later it was republished in Conferences and Missions’ newsletters. (TED did it in July. Messenger in its September printed edition.)


1 June. New ADC website (adventistdiscoverycentre.org) going live in full. Old website (discover online.org.uk) being forwarded to the new one.

7 June. The first “Desire of Ages” book sent to a student (Juliet).

8 June. First student on the Courses (German) platform.

10 June. Flyers from 20 April being distributed. Some 40,000 in a door to door approach and other 25,000 to be distributed by Discover Truth volunteers on the streets.

26 June. Contacting FreeBible students via Newsletter. Continued in July (a full month).


7 July. First (new) FreeBible flyer sent to print.

18 July. First (new) ad for Focus magazine sent for Q3 edition.

19 July. First (new) ADC flyer sent to print.

26 July. Finishing the first campaign, sending a newsletter to all FreeBible students from 2019 to date. Many replied back, completing their 10 quizzes to qualify for a Bible or going to 28 to qualify for a Desire of Ages.

27 July. The article on FreeBible is published on Trans-European Division website.