HOPE — The Gift of Heaven

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of all the darkness.

Desmond Tutu

During his presentation, one of the speakers invited for a ‘Reflecting Hope’ training event challenged our perspectives to think outside the box in relation to our understanding of the word ‘hope’.

In analysing the word in the context of God’s love for humanity, Pastor Louis Torres used the word ‘hope’ to create an acronym which explains the enormity and impact of God’s benevolence. His acronym reads: 

     H = Heaven
     O = Offers
     P = People
     E = Eternity

Encouraged by him to use this HOPE acronym, we have made our own analysis of it, and share our reflections. With a resolute belief that there is more to life than what we experience here in the present, we bring you HOPE – The Gift of Heaven

This publication is one born out of a sincere desire to share the power and impact of hope. This is a hope that does not come from what we see around us, a world which is transient and subject to change. Rather, it resides in a God who is constant and trustworthy.

Our booklet points to a caliber of hope that is lasting and fulfilling; and one that exceeds this life. It’s a gift because it comes wrapped in love.

As you read the stories, scriptures and reflections in this publication, may it ignite your aspirations, fuel your faith and fulfil your yearnings for a better world, outside of this one, where perfection will be experienced forever.

Sharon Platt-McDonald, Health Practitioner and Coach, Author, and Community Leader

Christian Salcianu, Pastor, leading the Adventist Discovery Centre (UK and Ireland)

The booklet is available in print at the ADC office. Place your free orders adc@adventist.uk or 01923 672606. It is also available as a digital product as part of Reflecting Hope Resources | PDF file

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