The Final Countdown – a prophecy booklet

A new printed resource from the Adventist Discovery Centre

Whichever ADC course on spirituality a student takes, it is a given, sooner or later a lesson covers in full the Daniel 2 prophecy. It is the one detailing the multilayered statue dreamed of by Nebuchadnezzar, the famous king of Babylon.


There are three main reasons for our educational approach. First of all, it is a piece of prophecy that interprets itself, right there in Daniel chapter 2. No matter the reader’s background, this is easy to understand. And history consistently confirmed this specific prophecy over time. In other words, the prophecy lab is right there, fully equipped.

Second, because it is a prophecy whose interpretation is so clear, it goes over and above any church / denominational biases. Yes, some may bring in nuances or force interpretations, but the key points are beyond debate for a diligent student.

Third, it is a prophecy so basic, so fundamental for all prophecies regarding the future of the world that one needs to be in full knowledge of such a Bible text. Understanding the sequence of the empires symbolised in Daniel 2 unlocks the keys for other more complex prophecies that follow.


Having said that, let us introduce to you our newest booklet entitled The Final Countdown – An explanation of the World Empires Prophecy in the Biblical book of Daniel, the Prophet.

We shared this as an online published article and now we have also produced it in a printed format.

An attractive booklet of 16 pages (A6 format), much smaller than a book, yet bigger than pocket tracts… In other words, a very good less than 10 minutes read. With beautifully designed graphics and layout, it is presented as a story, and yet is rich in relevant contemporary footnotes. On the back cover there is an invitation to deepen one’s study with two of our systematic Bible prophecy courses.

See it here in a dynamic issuu format.


Your mind has jumped to the price, hasn’t it? And how to order…

Price? Minimal, to cover part of the publishing costs. As simple as: 15p per piece; £15 for 100 copies; or a discounted offer of £75 £65 for 500 copies. (The ADC will pay the postage for deliveries to UK and Ireland.)

For only £300 you can have 5,000 personalised copies to share in your community. See the one for Great Yarmouth, printed in 20,000 copies.

How to order? Contact us by your preferred way. Looking forward to honouring your orders!

The AUDIO version

Do you want to listen first? “The Final Countdown” is available as an audiobook on this platform.

Don’t forget the apostolic encouragement:

We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

2 Peter 1:19

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