Journey of discovery

Interested in a journey of discovery? Introducing a fresh set of readings for a 3-week spiritual journey, our new ADC flyer titled Journey of discovery features the three key values of the Christian ethos – faith, hope and love (see 1 Corinthians 13). 

Our “Journey of discovery” flyer was originally introduced some years ago as an attractive way to encourage Bible reading and promote the studies provided by the ADC. With the choice of both summer and winter covers, it provided a series of 5-day Bible readings, designed to help you discover God’s plan for you.

This was a popular resource, so, following the rebranding and new visual identity (logo and colours) of the ADC, we felt it was time to re-imagine the flyer and to bring it into the ‘visual’ family. As with all of our resources, the flyer can be used in many different ways – see how many you can think of yourself! See pdf here.


On the inside, each topic has it’s own page, showing the readings (in full) for each day of the week.


On the flip page there is a FreeBible section, as ADC is the home of the FreeBible programme. It includes two testimonials, a short explanation about the project and full contact details.

On the back page there is an invitation to study any of the 20 free Bible and health studies offered by the ADC, along with full contact details for the Watford office and a qr code linking directly to our website.

The Offer

The flyers are offered to you for free. (The ADC will pay for the postage if you are unable to collect.)

To be more relevant in your local community, the flyers can be personalised with your own church/conference contact details. We have already provided this service for multiple churches within the UK and Ireland. For only £160 you can have 5,000 copies to share in your community. We can offer such an attractive price as the ADC picks up 50% of the printing costs.

As a companion to this flyer, our new bookmark, (free as well) featuring the same picture as the flyer cover, has also been introduced. This includes the well know verse Jeremiah 29:11 (look it up for yourself if you don’t immediately remember it!).

“Share to the people all the words of this life.”

Acts 5:20

To place an order please get in touch with us. Thank you very much.

Your ADC team

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