September Newsletter

When Facebook doesn’t allow us to promote our materials online, people take matters into their own hands and do it for us, by sharing on their own pages. One lady asks for a thousand printed ADC flyers to share in her neighbourhood. Another thousand ADC and FreeBible flyers go to northern Scotland, where a minister of religion is planning an outreach campaign. 

A Hampshire based solicitor informs the ADC office about a generous donation, a legacy from a will. A regular donor sends a cheque, and a letter of encouragement. 

On Zoom, a Jewish-Adventist Friendship group study “Shema”, a Bible course from the ADC. In Ireland, every Thursday night several pastors present our course, “Focus on Prophecy”. A conscript gives a Bible study to an officer, in a prison cell – his story, recently shared on our website, becomes an inspiration for many.

One student asks us about the end of the world. Another question brings up the painful topic of unanswered prayers. A third student flies through the 24 lessons of “Great Teachings” course. A new student asks for a duplicate set of “Try Jesus“, as she’s planning to study it with a Hindu…

Friends, you just need to be here to see the invisible. These are all stories we’ve been part of since our previous newsletter, last month. 

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Christian Salcianu, pastor and director
Audrey Wolfram, office administrator
Diane Lewis, volunteer

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